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Speak Your Worth

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Because all you need to do is ask...

Have you ever thought or felt : 
💔 "I've been in this role for years, but they still won't consider me for a promotion."

⏳ "Every time I ask for a raise, they say it's not the right time."

👥 "I feel like I'm constantly overlooked, no matter how hard I work."

🔄 "Why does it seem like everyone else is moving up except me?"

⚖️ "I've taken on so much more responsibility, but my pay hasn't reflected that."

🚫 "I'm afraid to ask for a raise; what if they think I'm being too pushy?"

💬 "I've been told I'm invaluable, but my paycheck says otherwise."

🔀 "Every time I bring up a promotion, they change the subject."

🔍 "I don't know how to prove that I'm worth more than they're paying me."

🚧 "I've done everything right, followed all the advice, but still, no raise or promotion in sight."

If yes, then this workbook is for you!

  • Exercises the help you uncover your worth

  • Template scripts to help you communicate your value


This eWorkbook is your roadmap to articulating your value, owning your accomplishments, and negotiating for the raise or promotion you deserve. Crafted with love and expertise, it's packed with actionable strategies, real-life scenarios, and empowering exercises that will shift your mindset from "I hope they'll notice me" to "Here's why I'm indispensable."

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